Tips from Experienced Travelers

When taking a trip or vacation there is a lot that can happen. It is better to be prepared for some things than to be surprised. These are some travel tips from those that have traveled around the world.

Stay Flexible

Do not worry about delays, they happen. It is important to have patience. If an activity or other place is closed have a backup plan.

Learn Local Phrases

If a person is traveling to a country where they do not speak the language they should learn some key phrases. Things such as please and thankful in addition to basic greetings are always good to known.

Travel Insurance

It is wise to purchase travel insurance. Emergencies happen so it is better to be protected.

Copy Important Documents

Things happen and documents get lost or go missing. There can be a big hassle if these important documents are not there. Passports, other identification such as photo id, and other related documents should be copied just in case something were to happen.

Bring Extra Underwear

It is a good idea to have a couple of extra pairs. Stuff happens. It is better to be prepared and have more than not enough.

Price and Public Transportation

Ask about the price before taking a taxi or getting on a bus. This way if it is too expensive it is possible to find another way to get there or talk down the price. When arriving at a destination a tourist is stuck paying whatever the fare is.

Save Room Number

It is a good idea to put the hotel room number and the address of the hotel on a phone or bag. This way they are never forgotten.

These are some travel tips from experienced travelers. They say it is important to remain flexible and to be over-prepared rather than dealing with an emergency.